The School Council came to a meeting with all the pupils’ thoughts about what is best about Lydgate – what does Lydgate have to offer?

Pupils said they particularly liked:

* The Bubble Room

* Singing and Signing Choir

* Baking and Cooking

* Swimming

* P.E.

* Art in the Art Room

* Drama lessons with Kat

* Music with Ali

* Football and basketball

* Playing in the playground

* Rainbow Room

* Reading

* Assemblies

* Ipads and computer lessons

* ‘The awesome and brilliant lessons’

They like extra fun activities like:

* Out and About lessons

* Walking groups every Thursday

* Climbing

* Caving

* Outdoor Week

* Being pirates for a week

* Dens

* Residentials at Calvert trust

* 8 day walking residential in Northumberland

They like the staff at Lydgate because they:

* Are jokey

* Are kindly

* Don’t shout

* Listen

* Help

* Care

* Are fun!

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