Friends of Lydgate

Mums, Dads, Carers - We need you!  

Friends of Lydgate meet regularly at Lydgate School.  Please come and join us and share ideas and enthusiasm in an informal setting over a cuppa.  


The Role Of Our Parent Group

Our parent group works closely with our headteacher and teachers in school to learn what will make our school better.  Then we find ways to help to make these improvements.  Sometimes the solution will involve money to help fund school outings, discos and many other fun activities and special treats that the school budget struggles to provide without our help.  We also helped to raise the money for our school bus that enables our children to go out on much loved excursions. 

Next meeting:

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at Lydgate School

Getting Parents Connected

One of the most important roles of our parent group is to encourage mothers, fathers and carers into the school.  Parent involvement is vital for the success of the children as well as those who teach them.  Research has shown that schools with positive parent involvement are vibrant places where teachers and staff feel supported and pupils benefit from the attention of so many caring adults.

If you do decide to attend one of our meetings you will not be pulled into a bottomless hole of volunteering unless you want to.  So if you’ve avoided our group because of this, please keep in mind that you don’t have to agree to every request that comes your way.  You can work out beforehand just how much time you would be prepared to give.  Just a few hours a week or month per parent/carer would be wonderful and really appreciated.  The payback is enormous.  You’ll get to meet other parents/carers who, quite often are in a similar position, so can share ideas and help.  You’ll learn what is happening in school and you’ll have a hand in making it a stronger and a more exciting environment for our children to be in.  Plus when you become an active member of our school community, it teaches your child that school is a great place to be.

You Make A Difference

Studies have shown that parental involvement can help improve the quality of schools, raise teachers’ morale and boost a school’s reputation.  Parents benefit too.  When parents get involved they become more comfortable in the school building, gain confidence in their parenting skills and feel more capable of helping their children to thrive. 

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