Frequently Asked Questions

Is transport to school provided?

Transport to school is available free of charge to most pupils.  School buses and taxis are organised by Kirklees School Transport who can be contacted on 01484 221000.  Pick up and drop off times can vary for a number of reasons, ie additional pupils may have to be carried, road works, inclement weather etc.  Your taxi driver or escort will advise you of any changes to the timetable.

Older students who show an appropriate level of responsibility may be issued with a bus pass in order to travel on public transport.  Parents' permission must be given in such cases.

Any incidents of poor behaviour on the journey to and from school are regarded as very serious and could result in pupils being banned from school transport.  In such cases the responsibility for getting pupils to and from school could rest with parents.   Your co-operation in ensuring pupils behave appropriately is therefore very important.

What happens when pupils go out on visits?

Our school offers some wonderful experiences for our pupils.  For educational visits that take place during school time, we may ask for a voluntary contribution from parents to help towards the cost. School funds are used to support residential trips but parental contributions are important in enabling such trips to take place.   However, no pupil will be excluded from taking part through failing to make such a contribution.  The school will always try to give additional support to parents suffering financial hardship.

Is there a school uniform and how do I buy it?

At present we have a very practical school uniform. The uniform consists of a polo shirt and a sweatshirt with the school logo, and black trousers or skirt.  Our uniform will change when we move to Southgate School and we are currently looking at new suppliers for then.

What do I do if my child is absent from school?

Should your child be absent from school for any reason, please let us know.  If we don’t hear from you we will ring you to find out what is happening, because it is really important to us that we keep track of all our young people. 

Failure to notify school about the reasons for an absence will result in it being recorded as "Unauthorised" and will be included in your child's records.   Education Social Workers employed by the local authority will contact parents where there is a concern about attendance.

What should I do if we want to take our child away on holiday in term-time?

The government’s strong recommendation is that you don’t do this!  Obviously we would prefer you not to, but we understand that it is sometimes unavoidable. Please apply in writing for permission from the Headteacher.

If my child is ill in school, what happens?

In any school parents have parental responsibility at this point and have to be available to collect and look after their sick child. We will contact you and ask you to come as soon as possible. Please make sure you have emergency arrangements in place for this eventuality.

If your child suffers from vomiting or diarrhoea, you must keep them off for 48 hours from the point where they stop being sick to cut down on the risk of infection.

What extra support does the school offer?

We offer a wide range of additional support to meet the many different needs of our pupils. For example:

· We have an Intervention Team who offer one-to-one and small group support for literacy, numeracy, Speech and Language, Behaviour and Nurture

· We have regular physiotherapy and speech therapy support and support when needed from an occupational therapist

· Kirklees Music Service offer lessons

· Some pupils can access lessons at High School.

How much are school meals and what are they like?

School dinners of a high quality are cooked on the premises.  Everyday there is a choice including a vegetarian option.  Should your child have any allergies or special dietary requirements please let us know!

Dinners cost £10.25 per week (£2.05 per day). We do not accept cash or cheques in school.  All payments must be made via the Parent Pay website.  Alternatively those who prefer may bring their own packed lunch.  The kitchen staff will also prepare packed lunches for students involved in activities out of school.

How can I find out what my child has eaten today?

Every now and again when the cook reviews the menu, we will send you a copy. Some parents have concerns about their child’s eating. If you want to know what and how well your child has eaten you can ask the class teacher to let you know via the home/school book.

We also offer fruit and healthy breakfast options to start the day with a social development time. We ask for a voluntary contribution towards this from parents.

Your child can also have milk everyday. The cost for this is £11 a term from April 2016.

Can my child bring in personal property like MP3s and toys?

We ask parents to think about what they allow their children to bring to school. 

Younger pupils sometimes bring toys from home and older pupils bring MP3 players or clothes, but experience tells us that these are sometimes 'swapped' without our knowledge and often much to parents' dismay!

Many pupils love their music and it can have a very calming effect. We try to ensure such things are safe but cannot give any guarantees. There are a limited number of lockers with keys available to senior pupils, where personal property can be stored.

Can my child bring a mobile phone to school?

We discourage pupils from bringing in phones, because they can get lost or broken and they can also be very disruptive in lessons!

If a pupil travels to school independently, we understand that you worry about them and want to be able to contact them, so we let these older, more independent pupils bring a mobile phone. However, these should be given in for safekeeping during the day.

What should I do if my child is being bullied or is very unhappy?

Please contact us! We don’t like problems to build up. We try to sort things out by listening to everyone involved and getting to the bottom of it. Generally pupils say they feel very safe in this school and that they trust us to sort things out.

What should I do if I feel I need to complain?

Contact either your child's class teacher or the Headteacher.  We like to sort things out sooner rather than later, and we take all complaints seriously.  You can also send feedback via the website.

Should you continue to feel concerned you can raise the issue with the Chair of Governors. 

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