Most of our young people struggle to cope with change and so we take great care to ease them through crucial transition points.

Starting at Lydgate

We undertake an enormous body of work to support pupils and their families as they arrive at Lydgate:

  • The Headteacher or another member of SMT will show prospective parents around the school, listen to them and answer any questions
  • If the pupil is allocated to the school by SENACT, the future class teacher will usually visit the child in their current school
  • Individual visits to our school for the child will then be arranged according to need with a number of days or half-days in class
  • We have whole-school transition days in the summer term to which new starters are invited, when the whole school moves to next year’s classes
  • We also hold a ‘Lunch on Us’ day for the pupils and parents to attend together
  • We create resources like visual aids and photographs to support pupils’ understanding of the future
  • We give out a welcome pack of information to parents

Within School

Pupils moving between classes, usually as they move up through school, will:

  • Visit their new classroom, meet the teacher
  • Be given any useful aids to their understanding like photographs, visual aids, social stories
  • Take part in whole-school transition days
  • Move to their new classes in the last week

Teachers will share information with each other. Pupil profiles will move with them.

Leaving Lydgate

This is a very big step for our young people so we put in a lot of support. We try to help families to think through all aspects of their future lives and think realistically of what they want and what the young people could achieve - what their future lives might look like – and how best to set in place the steps towards that destination.

  • In Y9 basic Transition Plans are drawn up collaboratively with parents/carers and pupils, with a questionnaire prompting thinking about future education, work skills, housing, health and community life
  • We connect many families at this point to outside activities some of which will carry on beyond transition e.g. Duke of Edinburgh
  • We begin to prepare parents/carers for the move to adult services in outside agencies
  • Calderdale and Kirklees Careers Service are involved from Y9
  • Transition Plans are updated and become clearer and more detailed in Y10 and Y11
  • We try to update the Statements of Special Educational Needs in Y10 to make sure pupils take as accurate a description of need as possible to the next provision
  • We inform parents of Post-16 options and help them to organise visits to inform choices, with the support of C&K Careers
  • We hold a Careers Evening for Upper School
  • Pupils go on initial familiarisation visits to Kirklees College
  • In Y11 a programme of weekly transition visits are provided for pupils moving on to our main destination Post-16: Kirklees College
  • Individualised transition visits are arranged for pupils moving onto other providers
  • Requests for Post-16 transport are organised with the support of C&K Careers
  • We track, through C&K Careers, the destinations, retention rates and achievements of ex-pupils
  • Leavers enjoy a number of special events: a Leavers’ Evening at a local restaurant; trips and residentials
  • Leavers return for an Awards Evening in the Autumn Term
  • Information follows the young person: their last statement; the Headteacher’s Report of the Annual Review, Transition Plans and Communication Passports where appropriate.


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