Speech, Language and Communication

We have a Speech Therapist who comes in to support training and strategic development in school, to carry out assessments of pupils and to plan programmes and approaches with the school staff to meet the young people’s needs.

In school, we have a Communication Inclusion Officer who works 1:1 or with small groups to deliver the different programmes.

This school has invested in developing a multi-layered approach to the development of speech, language and communication, buying in additional support from the Speech, Language and Communication Service, and every member of staff is a partner in this process.

In line with the findings of The Better Communication Project we seek to provide:

  • a language learning environment with visual reinforcement of language through signs, visual timetables and aids, Makaton and word displays
  • language learning opportunities with initial vocabulary and concept building, structured conversations and shared interactions with adults and peers
  • language learning interventions with strong routines, turn-taking, open questions, choices, commentary, thinking and response time and positive modelling by adults

We organise our approach into four levels of provision, with three distinct waves of intervention:

  • Universal – those young people who receive sufficient support from the language learning opportunities offered within our classrooms
  • Wave 1/Universal Plus – those young people who need a little more support with communication than they can get from normal classroom routines and practice, require individual communication targets and for the classroom practice to be adapted and differentiated further to meet their particular needs
  • Wave 2/Targeted Support – those young people who need support beyond the classroom and will receive additional support in small groups or 1:1 with either a Speech and Language Assistant Practitioner or the school’s Speech and Language Intervention Officer, following a specific programme to address their type and level of need
  • Wave 3/Specialist - Targeted provision for a minority of children where it is necessary to provide highly tailored intervention to accelerate progress or enable children to achieve their potential.  This may include one to one or specialist interventions”– those young people who require the services of a Speech Therapist, or of another agency, for a formal assessment or more specialised intervention or service.
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