Physiotherapy, Occupational and Sensory Services



The Physiotherapy Service attend school weekly to assess and track pupils’ needs and progress, and to deliver physio sessions

A number of our pupils currently receive support from this service, mostly with orthotics and exercises.

The service provides reports for Annual Reviews.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Services are closely linked to Physiotherapy Services.

Support is given following a referral, when school identifies a particular need.

Adaptations in school provided by Occupational Therapy Services include specialised plates, cutlery, cups, scissors, chairs, buggies and ICT equipment.

Both these services are closely linked to Wheelchair Services.

Sensory Services

This service provides support to the school on transition from mainstream to here.

Otherwise this is a service we buy into if we feel we need additional support.

Pupils needing particular support need to be taken to their GP for a referral. We would support parents with this process.

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