About Us

What do we do offer and what do we do well?

Lydgate School is a small school in New Mill, Holmfirth.  We currently have 88 pupils on roll from the ages of 4 to 16 years. Pupils have to have a significant learning disability to come to Lydgate, performing well below expected levels in mainstream, and usually additional impairments or conditions: we are a school for ‘complex needs’.

Because of their impairments many of our young people struggle to process information and to understand their world. This can cause anxiety and agitated behaviour. We feel our Nurture approach works particularly well for these pupils.  We can help them to feel less anxious, so that they can learn better. Adults remain very calm in this school and many visitors comment on this quality of calm, even while a child may be having a very noisy episode!

We work best with young people who are aware of their world even if they can’t fully make sense of it. For this reason, we cater best for pupils above P Levels 3/4 but below National Curriculum Level 3. Below P4 pupils often need intensive sensory input, which our facilities don’t really provide. There are two schools in Kirklees which cater better for these pupils: Castle Hill School and Fairfield School. We are also not a school that specialises in pupils with autism because we have to provide a stimulating, busy, colourful environment to meet the needs of our main cohort. Some pupils with autism find this kind of environment stressful because they suffer sensory and social overload, although others adapt well and make good progress here. Woodley School (formerly Longley) in Kirklees provides the kind of environment and strategies for pupils who need more specialist provision for autism.

Within that range of need, young people usually make very good progress indeed. We track progress in English and Maths against a national database, Progression Guidance, and we know that the vast majority make good or outstanding progress. Some go on to achieve GCSEs, which represents a tremendous achievement at this level.

We hope if you are considering Lydgate this will help you to make an informed choice.

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